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212 S. 4th St.  |  Cañon City, CO. |  719-285-8088
805 Eagleridge Blvd. #140  | Pueblo, CO. | 719-225-8142

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CANON CITY - AccuQuilt GO! Club - Wild in Northwoods Quilt

Do you love to quilt, but don't like to cut or have a difficult time cutting accurately? The AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter System is fast, precise, and affordable. It cuts 90% faster than rotary cutters and rulers. If you have an AccuQuilt GO! Cutter, join the AccuQuilt GO! Club.

PUEBLO - Color Exercises for Quilters - Adding More Color to Your Quilt

Do you quake in your boots when you have to select colors for your next project or do the colors you have chosen sometimes miss the mark or not popped the way you had hoped? This color class is more than basic color theory.

PUEBLO - Desk Deli Tote & Variations

Join Judy to create this fun Tote!

Oct 19
CANON CITY - A Crooked Mile
Oct 19
PUEBLO - Thread Painting
Oct 21
PUEBLO - Bargello Magic