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PUEBLO - Colorado Escape

Supply list (for 2 part class)


Required Pattern:  Colorado Escape by Jackie Vujcich



Sky (foundation) – 9” x 22” blues with or without clouds (If there

     are clouds, make sure they’re on the horizontal width of 22”)

Muslin (foundation) – 14” x 22”

Mountains –4 to 5 fat quarters (or possibly large scraps) of darks

   and lights; purples and blues

Rolling hills – 6 to 8 fat quarters (or large scraps) of mediums,

   darks, and lights; greens

Tree – 4” x 24” of light gray

Leaves – 2 to 3 different yellows or yellow/greens – 8” x 8” or larger

Snow (white) – 5” x 5”

Flowers – 10” x 14”- look for flowers that have a green background

   and have both small and large flowers

Rocks (browns) – 4 to 5 scraps about 6” x 6”

Inner Border ¼ yard

Outer Border ½ yard




Fusible web-Wonder Under (light or regular-NO heavy) by Pellon- 4 to 5 yards.

Clear vinyl -1 yard (usually find it in the home dec.  area of craft stores)

Fine-Point Sharpie Markers –black and silver

Scissors –both paper and fabric

Applique pressing sheet or parchment paper  - A MUST


Mobile Design wall OR felt/flannel that measures approximately 36”x 36”
Camera that can take black & white pictures


Pre-class homework:  Fabric should be washed to remove sizing (this helps fusible stick better).


PS: NO machine needed for this class! 

Skill Level:
Sewing machine in good working condition. Supply list coming soon.
Instructor Name:
Jackie Vujcich
Instructor Bio:
Living near the foothills to the Rocky Mountains, Jackie is surrounded by nature in all its glory. Inspiration ?blooms? right outside her studio door. She also loves to travel and always keeps a camera in her pocket to capture the awesomeness of the great outdoors in her landscape quilts. She's been quilting for nearly 20 years and began teaching pieced (patchwork) quilting almost 10 years ago.

Realizing that this limited her from expressing her creativity, she now immerses herself in pictorial art quilts. From time to time she still produces traditional quilt patterns (you can find them right here) and thoroughly enjoys the process.

PUEBLO - Colorado Escape

$ 56.00