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212 S. 4th St.  •  Cañon City, CO.  
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First Stitches Sewing Store & Quilt Shop
Family Owned and Operated
Authorized and Certified Dealer for
Baby Lock & Janome
Sewing & Embroidery Machines
"Your Hometown Sewing Store since 2012"


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Frequently Ask Questions...

Why shouldn’t I buy a sewing machine from a big chain store or online?

When you purchase from a large chain store, or online, you miss out on a lot of valuable knowledge and professional assistance. If you would have problems threading your machine, will the check-out clerk at the large chain store be capable of helping you? Would the online “chat room” be able to show you the proper way of winding your bobbin?

Only a trained, certified dealer can give you total support for the sewing and/or embroidery machine you just invested in. At First Stitches, we regularly send our employees to Dealer training, so they know how to address your questions and answer them correctly.


What is your trade-in policy on new machines?

We do accept trade-ins on new machines, based on the current market value.


Do you take trade-ins on used machines?

Typically no, but there are always exceptions. Please consult one of our sales associates.



What should I look for in a sewing machine?


At First Stitches, we always ask a few questions before we show you some machines that might be a good fit for you.

  1. Are you a quilter? Do you make clothes? Do you do alterations? Our staff can guide in to the right machines that will fit your needs
  2. Where do you want to be with your sewing skills in 5 years? Are you looking to continually learn new techniques and expand your creativity, or do you just want a reliable machine for hemming and mending.

    We believe you are visiting our store, because you seek to learn more about the wonderful world of sewing, embroidery, crafting, and creating. Therefore, we always recommend you purchase a machine you will grow into, and not grow out of in the next few years.

    However, we don’t want to pressure you into a machine so large, that you will be too intimidated to use it. Our trained staff can answer your questions, and make recommendations.
  3. What features are you most interested in? If you have sewing experience, you will have favorite features such as: needle down; auto thread cutter; free arm; automatic pivot. Let our staff know and we can show you these features and more.


Do you offer classes?

Yes! We offer both machine classes (which are free for those who have purchased their machine from First Stitches) AND fun specialized classes. Check out our classes online at www.firststitches.com.



Do you offer repair service?

Yes! We have certified technicians who attend regular technical training.


If I get my machine serviced by a non-certified technician, does that void the manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes it does. It’s very important to get your machine serviced by a qualified and certified sewing machine technician.



May I copy a quilt pattern and share with my family and friends, as long as I purchase the fabric at your store?

Absolutely not. Copying patterns or embroidery designs is illegal and violates the U.S. Copyright laws.